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Bungie undecided on lead platform for new IP

Despite 'intimate relationship' with 360

Bungie has told CVG that it is yet to make up its mind over which platform will lead development for its new IP.

Little is known about the unannounced franchise - except it will be an 'action universe'. Activision has snapped up exclusive publishing rights to the IP for the next ten years.

It will be Bungie's first major multi-platform title after working exclusively on Xbox 360 with its Halo series - but won't be shown at E3.

"We obviously have a very intimate relationship with the 360 - we've had a great partnership with Microsoft for ten years now and we continue to as we work on Reach, launch Reach and continue to support Reach together," community boss Brian Jarrard told CVG.

"That relationship isn't going to go away at all, but we're certainly excited about the prospect of being able to share our new stories and universe with an even bigger audience and bring it to different devices and platforms and create new and interesting ways for our fans to engage."


He added: "It's a little bit too early for us to say which console we'll lead on. We're going to exactly figure out what's the right way to lead into our new universe and what's the right way to extend it. It's too early for me to say which console is going to be the first out of the gate."

Bungie's current IP, of course, is Halo Reach - which went into open beta earlier this month. Over a million people signed up to the beta in its first 24 hours.