Battlefield: Bad Company 2 co-op announced

Onslaught mode brings co-op to the franchise

EA's announced the introduction of a new Battlefield: Bad Company 2 mode that will bring co-op gameplay to the franchise for the first time on console.

'Onslaught mode' can be played with up to four players across four multiplayer maps; Valparaiso, Atacama Desert, Isla Inocentes, and Nelson Bay, which have been redesigned with new lighting, time of day, added vehicles and other effects.

Each map will require different levels of teamwork in order to complete the objectives against an onslaught of enemy AI.

Vehicles will be the focus in Atacama Desert while Nelson Bay focuses squarely on infantry assault. Players can compete in squads and check individual progress via the dedicated Onslaught leaderboards.

"We're thrilled to bring something new and fresh to Battlefield: Bad Company 2 while still keeping Battlefield's signature gameplay intact," said senior producer at DICE Patrick Bach.

"We want to consistently support the over 4 million fans playing the game with new ways to get into multiplayer and also challenge the elite players with new experiences to improve their performance online.

Release details have been kept to a vague "Coming soon".

We reported yesterday that Battlefield: Bad Company 2 has sold 5 million copies to date, co-op DLC could see that number increase even further.