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Test Drive Unlimited 2 DLC to add bikes

Developer confirms download content plans for sequel

Test Drive Unlimited 2 will receive motorbikes in post-release downloadable content, developer Eden Games has confirmed.

Speaking to CVG in London literally minutes ago, senior producer Nour Polloni admitted bikes will be a major focus for the dev team once the full game's out the door.

"There are some things that we couldn't do for the first release, for example the bikes. Bikes were in the first game and since we changed the car dynamics and wanted to make sure we were really on top of that, we didn't want to go and start the motorbike dynamics and not have good dynamics on either one of them," she said.

"So we said we'll finish the car dynamics and then we'll work on the motorbikes. We know already the community want the motorbikes and that's what we're going to focus on as one of the elements we'll offer in DLC."

Last night the developer made clear that fan feedback will have a major effect on Unlimited 2's DLC plans.