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Exclusive Arkham Asylum DLC now open for all

Previously limited exclusive Batman content now available to everyone

Downloadable content for Batman: Arkham Asylum that was previously limited to pre-orders and Special Edition deals is now available for all to purchase on the US PSN and Xbox Live services.

GameStop pre-order exclusive challenge pack, Dem Bones, can be nabbed for 240 MS Points on Xbox or $3.49 on PSN. For the same price you can now also get the previously Collector's Edition exclusive Crime Alley pack for even more fighting challenges.

This coincides with the somewhat late US release of the Arham Asylum Game of the Year Edition, which feature a new 3D mode that (actually) works on normal TVs. The GotY Edition was released in UK back in March.

Job listings last month suggested that Rocksteady is readying more DLC for the epic action game.