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OnLive coming to UK

BT sign deal for cloud gaming service

Ambitious cloud gaming service, OnLive is heading to the UK, via an exclusive partnership formed with BT.

BT has exclusive rights to bundle the OnLive Game Service together with its broadband service offerings in the UK, although customers will also have the option to order directly from OnLive to run over any UK ISP.

Also, unlike the US launch, the UK will launch on PC, Mac and HDTV from the get-go, while the States will have to make do with just the first two until later in the year.

"OnLive is coming to Europe in a big way," the company said on its official website. "Secretly OnLive has been operating a test site in Europe from a BT (British Telecommunications plc) data center in Wales since 2009. And I'm happy to report, that over the European Internet infrastructure, OnLive is AWESOME."

According to the OnLive, it's tested its service "across all of Western Europe spanning from the UK to Italy and from Scandinavia down to Spain."

There's no launch date as yet as the company's "completely focused" on the US launch this summer.

[ SOURCE: OnLive ]