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Raven developing CoD: Black Ops DLC

Map packs on the way from Raven Software

Activision and Call of Duty: Black Ops developer Treyarch have passed DLC development duties for the game over to Raven Software, according to rumours.

G4 reports that Raven has put one of its current unannounced projects on hold to free up resources for the task of developing map packs for the shooter, which is due out on November 9.

According to their unnamed source, the team who previously did the Wolfenstein game that released on consoles and PC last year.

The future of the Call of Duty franchise is uncertain following the recent turbulence at Modern Warfare studio Infinity Ward, which saw former bosses Jason West and Vince Zampella's dramatic dismissal in March, followed by the ongoing departure of key staff on the team and a lawsuit.

Activision is yet to respond to G4's report.

[ SOURCE: G4 ]