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New Hot Shots Tennis revealed, dated

Sweet-looking PSP tennis, out next month

We miss the old days of game announcements being just weeks behind the game's release. But in a revelation that harks back to that era, Sony has revealed Hot Shots Tennis: Get a Grip (aka Everybody's Tennis in Europe - but that's a rubbish title) for PSP, and it's out on June 29 in US. And it looks awesome.

It's NOT a port of the 2007 PS2 game - it's an all-new Hot Shots Tennis game with a new adventure story mode in which "you will travel the world spreading tennis love to everyone and anyone you meet," according to producer Chris Hinojosa-Miranda. "Part of the gameplay will require a certain level of exploration - it's like Indiana Jones with a racquet, but with less ophidiophobia and more giant reptile costumes," says, erm, Chris.


As Hot Shots games do, Tennis will feature a shed load of unloackables from characters and costumes to courts and the like, and will also feature a Helghan - the bad soldiers in Killzone - as a playable character as screenshots below show.

June 29 is the US date (retail and PSN), while UK will have to make do with 'Summer 2010'.

[ SOURCE: US PS Blog ]