Treyarch has 'taken risks' with CoD: Black Ops

Lamia says it's time for change

Treyarch head Mark Lamia has said that the studio is stepping out into deeper waters when it comes to Call of Duty: Black Ops in order to make it stand out from World At War.

"We've taken some creative risks," Lamia told OXM. "We want to do something different than we've done before. We want the game to speak for itself."

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Having had a good hard look at the next edition of the CoD series, OXM seem to think that Lamia's team have achieved what they set out to do:

"Without letting much slip about the single-player campaign plot, Treyarch demonstrated the sheer bredth of experiences you'll have in Black Ops," said the mag.

"Without mincing words this is guaranteed to be one of this year's very biggest and best Xbox offerings."

You can read the full review in issue 60 of OXM. Buy your copy of OXM online and have it delivered to your door.