CVG: The week's best comments

You pressed keys in a certain order and it made us laugh

You're all aware of events this week regarding a certain vagina-based game. This left us in a fairly difficult position when it came to the comments because, quite frankly, you all exceeded yourselves.

We applaud each and every one of you for that, truly. The thing is, there just wasn't enough room on the screen to put them all here so we had to be selective. We also had to take some comments from other articles in the interests of variety. (We know, boring).

As always, have a look, have a laugh and keep them coming.

Call of Duty: Space Warfare outed

i'm looking forward to the on rails Call Of Duty that comes with a brightly coloured M16. Call Of Duty: we're not even trying anymore cause you mugs i'll by any old crap.
WHERESMYMONKEY pitches a game that would need two boxes for the title alone.

Zap zap zap....
Just doesn't sound as good as pew pew pew

goomba_lover bases game purchases on how much pew pew pew they have in. Zap zap zap is to be avoided.

LoL!! Is it April 1st again? What the hell next - Call of Duty : All the fun at the (war)fare?
Very nice iammillsey. Excellent use of brackets.

Fable 3 dev diary features John Cleese

I won't be impressed until they drop Ben Kingsley for Patrick Stewart.
altitude2k is impressed whenever Ben Kingsley gets dropped for Patrick Stewart.

Vagina game coming to Xbox and PC

Let's just hope it doesn't use smell-o-vision.
Triffic kicks off the fun. Potentially disgusting but thanks all the same.

This is as close as some gamers will get to a vagina. Poor fellas. X
NaththeNarc cut us deep with that comment. We wish we were you NaththeNarc. Oh how we wish we were you.

Sounds like utter gash to me.
Basic pun from theaface

YES!!!! Finally ill be able to be inside a vagina!!!!!!!...i er...
Nice bit of self-deprecation from JAKEevans

Ironically - I bet it's this comment that actually makes it into the comments of the week section
Is this what you wanted ParmaViolet? Is it? Are you happy now!?

There's something fishy about this ?
It's on the tip of my tongue I just cant spit it out !

Too far condemmedman. Moving on.

Bayonetta porn angers game's designer

Bayonetta could't be any closer to soft porn even if her hair turned into a massive vagina and drowned the angels in lady custard or suffocated them in a giant thigh pasty.
DrRickDagless MD provides us with one of the most disgusting comments ever, but we wouldn't mind seeing it in an anthology.

I think the thing about Bayonetta's sexuality is that it was more of a pastiche, playing with a post-modern perspective of...

... oh what's the point
We know zombiesinmyhead, they'll never understand will they?

I don't see what he's moaning about- if anyone ever made a porno of me, I'd be flattered
You need a game first GuyWhoLikesBlue2, a game and some leather.