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Japan doesn't have 'hope in hell' - Capcom producer

Lost Planet 2 producer says innovative ideas needed to catch up with west

Lost Planet 2 producer Jun Takeuchi has said that the Japanese gaming industry won't be able to match the west if it doesn't evolve.

When Xbox World 360 asked Takeuchi if he thought Japanese gaming could ever catch up with the west again, the Capcom producer said, "If the Japanese games industry doesn't evolve and simply maintains its current status quo, I really don't think we have a hope in hell."

"Drastically innovative ideas are needed - and quickly - to equal or exceed the Western games industry."

Lost Planet 2 didn't really provide the jump Takeuchi is talking about either, with it turning out to be a bit of a mixed bag in the review department.

You can read the full interview in issue 92 of Xbox World 360, which is on the shelves right now. Buy your copy of Xbox World 360 and have it delivered to your door.