Project Natal to retail for £130?

Swedish retailers list lofty price for Xbox 360's motion sensing camera

Microsoft's motion sensing camera Project Natal has picked up a £130/$200 price tag on a number of Swedish retailers, which worries the pants off of our wallets.

1,499 Swedish Kronor is the price sported by two retailers, found here and here. This puts the UK price at approximately £130 and just under $200 in the States. By the way, that's just for the camera folks.

Why Sweden shops would've been lucky enough to earn price confirmation from Microsoft is unknown, and probably, unlikely. The company will likely hold back on offering comment until next month's E3.

Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pachter predicted a light $50 price for Natal earlier in the year. And though Pachter's more often wrong than right, a $200 price tag would be a very dangerous game for Microsoft to play.

Microsoft has confirmed an October 2010 release date for Project Natal in the UK. Look out for more at the platform holder's Project Natal E3 press conference, which will be roping in the talents of Cirque du Soleil.

[ SOURCE: GamesOnSmash ]