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This week in NGamer Towers

Words! Games! Cakes! The usual, then...

Once again, Monday morning finds Team NGamer refreshed and ready for a week of Nintendo 'action' - including two trips out of the office and the possibility of a top announcement...

After last week's post-deadline procrastination, it's now full steam ahead on issue 51. Unfortunately, we can't tell you too much about what we're up to because lots of the games we're writing about are top secret. We can tell you that they're on Wii, and that... [that's enough! - Ed]. Oh.

So what can we tell you? Well, one of our PR chums has just arrived with copies of Okamiden and Ghost Trick on DS - it's all gone quiet save for the tap-tap of stylus on screen and some murmurs of approval. Full previews in issue 51.

In other news, Kittsy's off on a day out to visit a big developer on Friday to see some - you guessed it - top secret games. And Matthew's also out on Friday - he's off to Big London to watch Professor Layton And The Eternal Diva. We're all pretty excited about the Prof's cinematic debut, and Matthew's overjoyed about being allowed out by himself.

The other big news this morning is that there are rumours that Nintendo will be unveiling their Vitality Sensor, aka Mr Iwata's Pull My Finger, at an event in the States today. Ninty are supposedly making an announcement with the American Heart Foundation in New York later, with pundits predicting a showing for the Sensor. Specul-O-Tron says, "Bzzt! New-look Vitality Sensor to be unveiled. Now has integral rusty scythe... Sales of eyepatches to rise." Thanks, Specul-O-Tron!

You may have noticed that we forgot to put an update on the blog on Friday to let you know about the new games that came out last week. Sorry about that. Although there wasn't actually much to shout about. Bit.Trip Runner arrived on WiiWare and is as typically brilliant as the rest of the Bit.Trip titles. On DSiWare, Chronos Twins is a decent companion to its WiiWare big brother. And, er, that's about it really.

Of course, wise gamers will be saving their pennies for Super Mario Galaxy 2, out on 11 June. And particularly wise gamers will ignore any half-baked reviews that appear on the internet and instead only pay heed to NGamer's verdict on the game. Look out for issue 50, in shops next Wednesday (and arriving with subscribers towards the end of this week, hopefully).

And that's your lot from NGamer Towers for today. We're off to admire Okamiden a bit more and wonder whether our summer holiday plans are going to be scuppered by Eyjafjallajokull - it's already broken our spellchecker.

Kittsy is... "Wondering how I can combine a forthcoming press trip with a diversion to Chinatown so I can pick up a few catering size bottles of Tabasco. Just can't get hold of them in Bath."
Booo! The volcano's spoiling everyone's holidays. If Kittsy could be anywhere in the world right now, where would he be? "Somewhere with no flights back to the UK for the next six months."

Matthew is... "Sailing around the Pacific Ocean, as seen in various NES games. I'm also pondering what pasta concoction to cook up for my tea. I'm learning to cook, you see. Last night I nuked my mouth by 'accidentally' eating an entire jar of pesto. I want something gentler this evening. Any culinary suggestions would be welcome in the comments below."
Booo! The volcano's spoiling everyone's holidays. If Matthew could be anywhere in the world right now, where would he be? "I'd like to be over in Cannes, making deriding snorts at a variety of world cinema."

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