Butler's next project is Gran Turismo 5... 'nuff said

Sony's advertising front-man drops GT5 hints

Kevin Butler, VP of PlayStation advertising, has teased that his next project will be Gran Turismo 5. The hints raise our hopes for an imminent release of Polyphony Digital's expected masterpiece.

Butler takes on the role of VP of Artistic Modification in his latest ad, presenting the products of his artistic mind in ModNation Racers.

The spotlight features such great lines as "Half horse, half motorcycle, half man, all awesome" and "Tell me more, grown up child actor." That last jibe is targeted at CEO of SCEA, Jack Tretton, who responds with his own witty one-liners as they compete for poll position.


As much as we love ModNation Racers, it's the end of the trailer that grabs our attention. Butler implies that his next advertising and gaming project is Gran Turismo 5, which must be solid evidence for a 2010 launch for the game.

"So pick up ModNation Racers to download my mod and track, then create your own. Maybe I'll take a spin in your epic artistic endeavour. That is if I'm not two busy with my next project. Let's just say it's a little racing game that rhymes with Man Furismo Jive."

A number of US retailers have pinned an October release date on GT5 and with E3 just around the corner, we're not only expecting a full blow-out on the game, but also a solid release date.