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Red Dead Redemption: Review of reviews - Xbox 360

Big scores tip sandbox title as next blockbuster

Rockstar's open world western has been put through its paces across the Internet and has come out the other side with brilliant scores across the board.

First and foremost is CVG's Red Dead Redemption review. We awarded the game a 9.5/10, highlighting its atmosphere, environments and authentic Wild West recreation as standout features.

Boomtown was one of the more liberal when it came to handing out scores, giving RDR full marks - along with and 1UP who said, "The random events you encounter throughout the game are each perfect little micro-dramas."

Elsewhere, IGN UK felt the game deserved a 9.8, saying that it was everything GTA managed to be and more.

The mainstream media clambered onto the bandwagon as well with The Guardian giving RDR 5/5. It touted it as "a clear contender for game of the year".

Dual Xbox 360 and PS3 reviews were popular, with Edge (9/10), GameReactor (10/10), 1UP ('A') and Eurogamer (8/10) all giving their scores for both formats.

Red Dead Redemption hits shelves next Friday (May 21) - and it's looking like a must buy.