BioShock fans rage over DLC problems

Can't play the new maps you bought? You're not the only one

It appears tension is growing in the BioShock 2 community over players' inability to play the new maps in the recently-released Metro Map Pack DLC.

According to reports, players are finding that they're rarely able to get into a multiplayer match in one of the new maps because of a lack of separate playlist for those who've purchased the DLC.

Therefore if even one player out of a possible 10 (six minimum) doesn't have the DLC a new map will not be chosen. And even when all players are DLC-equipped, the matchmaking system still picks randomly from all available levels - there are six new maps and 10 old ones.

K community manager Elizabeth Tobey responded: "We didn't want to assume everyone would have the maps, and we didn't want to split the player base (because in previous weeks, we'd already established that sucks.) So DLC maps are in public map rotation if everyone has the content, and otherwise base maps are used - that way you can play with your friends even if they don't have the DLC content. If you want to only play DLC maps, however, private matches are the best way to go about that - that way you can use only those maps."

That's rubbish though, because Achievements/Trophy rewards, as well as ranking, are disabled for private matches.

DLC has been a touchy subject for BioShock 2 players, after a suspiciously small download file size - 108kb on Xbox 360, and just 24kb on PC - lead fans to believe that the Sinclair Solutions Tester Pack DLC was actually already on the disc, and that 2K was charging for the unlock code.

[ SOURCE: Rapture Archives ]