Nintendo registers 3DSWare trademark

Plus 3DSPlay and more...

Nintendo have registered 3DSWare as a trademark in Japan, prompting speculation that the company could be set to offer a download service for their new 3DS handheld console.

Of course this wouldn't be a surprise as Nintendo already offer downloadable games and applications through their existing Wii and DS shopping channels.

However, many fans would like to see a Virtual Console-style service which enables gamers to download old Game Boy games for their handheld.

In addition to 3DSWare, Nintendo also regsitered a number of other handheld related trademarks including 3DSPlay, DSMovie and DSMagazine.

Here's the full list:-

2010-021055 cr@r
2010-021086 cr@m...@b'
2010-021087 crl...
2010-021088 crl-...
2010-021089 crb...'
2010-021090 crb...
2010-021091 crl...""...
2010-021092 crl"
2010-021093 cr`
2010-021709 Rcro
2010-021710 m"...@Rcr
2010-021711 j"e"h[Rcr (Nintendo 3DS)
2010-021712 Rcrv'...
2010-021713 m"...@Rcrv'... (Nintendo 3DSWare)
2010-023066 mRcr
2010-024659 |P"J[hQ[€ (Pokemon Card Game)
2010-024660 g[i[YEFuTCg (Trainers Web Site)
2010-024661 g[i[Y (Trainers)

Despite registering these trademarks, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata recently told investors that 3DS is not the formal name for the handheld.

[ SOURCE: GoNintendo ]