Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands review round-up

Great platforming, rubbish combat, says Official PlayStation mag

The first load of Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands reviews are starting to roll in, as the game lands in North American shops today.

Official PlayStation Magazine's gone with 7/10. It compliments the not-a-movie-tie-in game on managing to 'recapture the past' with its fun acrobatics, but at the same time stumbles with dodgy combat which has you "chew through enemies like tedious gristle".

Meanwhile GamesMaster - the only other UK mag review in existence - has gone with a more cheerful 87%, pointing a thumbs up in the direction of the 'slick, challenging' acrobatic gameplay - but yet again poo-pooing the 'button-mashing' combat.

'Even considering the combat shortcomings, The Forgotten Sands is a dynamic and rewarding gymnastic experience,' says GM.

Forgotten Sands is out in the UK on Friday, along with the Hollywood movie. For our review of the latter, check back later this week...