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Split/Second is 'Burnout evolved', says Disney

Title can become Xbox 360's 'definitive arcade racer', reckons producer

Disney has told CVG that it sees Split/Second as an 'evolution' of the Burnout series - and claimed that it can become Xbox 360 and PS3's 'definitive arcade racer'.

Speaking in a newly-published interview, the game's producer Jason Ried told CVG that although Split/Second developer Black Rock saw EA's classic racing series as "brilliant", it was confident it could go one better.

"I obviously love playing Burnout," he said. "We kind see this as the next evolution, it's kind of like standing on the shoulders of giants. They've done something brilliant and we just want to do something that takes it to the next level. And hopefully we can make Split/Second as successful as Burnout.

When asked if Split/Second could become the arcade racer that defines the genre on Xbox 360 and PS3, Ried replied:

"Yeah, I think so, I really do. We've never looked at each console separately. I mean, in the final version you're going to notice that the frame rates are identical the levels are identical. We wanted to prove that we could do that - it was a big thing for us.

We played a lot of it on the 360 but then I'll swap next week and I'll play it on PS3. But yeah, in terms of being the definitive arcade racer, I think so. I think it's going to be huge."

Split/Second Velocity is released in the UK on Friday (May 21).