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Begin weeping: Humble Indie Bundle is over.

Humble statistical analysis below.

After just under two weeks of name-your-price gaming, the Humble Indie Bundle has closed its doors and you can no longer get £65 worth of indie joy for whatever you have on you. We've been analysing some of the stats that came out of the sale.

It's a great time to look at the stats on the bundle and see just how generous folks were. Care for a slice of Humble Pie?


Look, I'm sorry about the pie pun, alright? It was for charity. From this hastily mocked-up pie chart, you can tell that gamers really value the work developers put into their games. Elsewhere on the site, it's apparent that Windows-using gamers are less generous than Mac Users, who gave on average $10 to our $8, and that Linux gamers are the most generous of all, dropping an average of $14 into the Humble coffer.

So does this mean a new dawn has risen on gaming prices? Probably not. Jason Rohrer also stuck his masterpiece Sleep is Death on the Name Your Price scheme and, although he did find a moderate increase in purchases, he has his misgivings.

He said, "The problem with Name Your Price is that everyone pays less than their personal maximum. So where I used to be getting some orders for $14 each day, I was suddenly getting none over $10. So there were people willing to pay $14 if forced, but under Name Your Price, they were paying $10 or even $1."

Of course, it could be because he didn't actually tell anybody about it.