Ubisoft to follow EA with new game purchase incentives

One-time-only download content to be included with new game purchases

Ubisoft is to tackle the second-hand game market with a code system that gives purchasers of new games access to download content which second-hand buyers will have to pay for.

During a recent investors call, Ubisoft seniors said: "We are looking very carefully at what is being done by EA regarding what we call the $10 solution and we will probably follow that line at some time in the future."

The '$10 solution' refers to EA's Online Pass system, in which new games come with a one-use code allowing gamers to access the title's online multiplayer modes, whereas second-hand buyers need to purchase their own code for $10.

Ubisoft went on to indicate that it has a similar code system in place to allow new game consumers access to portions of a game via downloads, which will come at an extra cost to those who buy the game second hand.

Usisoft said: "We have been using keys, starting last year, on our products and those keys were allowing consumers to have download content if they were buying the product in specific stores, so we have the system in place to generate more revenue on the used market and we are now building the content to make sure that it can be beneficial for both groups."