50% of games 3D by 2012 - Ubisoft

15-20 per cent of current consoles' games will be 3D over the next year, says CEO

Ubisoft has said 3D gaming will quickly become a major factor in video games, estimating that around 50 per cent of all new games will be 3D-enabled by 2012.

"We will see more and more product coming in 3D on 360 and PS3 but also on portable machines," said the publisher's CEO Yves Guillemot during a recent investors call.

"We can count on substantial grown in the 3D market just because it's more immersive, so it will be a good way for the industry to give even more emotion to the gamers," he added.

"I think next year we should see maybe 15-20% of games will be 3D on next-gen consoles ... and the following year will be at least 50% of the games."

Nintendo will reveal the Nintendo 3DS - a handheld with 3D capability without glasses - at E3, and PS3 was recently updated to support 3D TV sets which have begun hitting the market.