Red Dead Redemption cost $100 million - report

Wild West game's development hits treble figures, says UK newspaper

Rockstar San Diego's lengthy and troubled development of hit game Red Dead Redemption has been rumoured to have cost the studio in the region of $100 million (£70 million).

Rockstar has previously claimed Red Dead Redemption to be its most ambitious game. This has led Rockstar to spend more money on advertising than ever before, with cinema ads being a company first.

This certainly points to an inflated budget, with accusations of poor working conditions at the San Diego studio reportedly having a negative affect on the game's lengthy development. It's no wonder that the Daily Mail has reported such an inflated budget:

"Makers Rockstar Games are thought to have spent up to $100million on the long-awaited project."

In development since before the PlayStation 3's release, it's certainly feasible that the game cost in the region of $100 million. However, reaching a nine-digit expenditure would put it ahead of most, if not all, previous game budgets.

The Daily Mail's comments certainly aren't concrete, but they corroborate with 'industry executive' estimates of $80-$100 million, as reported by the New York Times.

Still, if we listened to everything the Daily Mail said we might come out with opinions like 'Eating lettuce causes cancer' and 'There's nothing natural about going to the toilet.'

[ SOURCE: Daily Mail ]