UFC Undisputed 2010 multiplayer requires code

Fight Camp Mode uses one time code to encourage first hand purchase

THQ's confirmed that part of its online multiplayer content will only be accessible using a one-time-use code packaged with the game.

The code unlocks 'Fight Camp Mode' where players can team up with friends to form an MMA camp and train together.

Second hand users will have to buy another code for actual money if they want access to the Fight Camp Mode.

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THQ have said that a new code will cost $5 (400 Microsoft points) with no mention of UK pricing yet.

Here's the statement in full:

"THQ is delivering a truly unmatched online gaming experience for fans of UFC and across all fighting games in general. The main enhancement of UFC Undisputed 2010's premium online content is the new "Fight Camp Mode" in which players can assemble ranks of up to 40 people and train together. This is a significant value-add to the game as players can continually improve their skills by training with their friends and bringing teams of MMA specialists together.

This multiplayer content for UFC Undisputed 2010 will be available via a one-time code included with the game at purchase. Codes for accessing the content will be available for second-time buyers for an additional $5.

Details for acquiring the codes and how this will work will be available via the UFC community site."

This is part of a growing trend in the industry with both Ubisoft and EA looking into setting up similar incentives for first time buyers.

Better pick up a new copy then, eh?

[ SOURCE: Destructoid ]