Virgin makes shock return to games at E3

Richard Branson to appear at LA Expo, says report

Virgin is set to make a shock comeback into the world of games at next month's E3 Expo in LA.

UK industry title MCV reports that Richard Branson will star in a launch event at the show, which takes place between June 15 and June 17.

MCV reports: 'The new gaming service rumoured to launch at E3 will seek partnerships with leading publishers and content owners, offering new and unique opportunities... [we] understand that the new video games venture will be online-only and again challenge-based, possibly built on a technology acquisition.'

Virgin's status as a games company essentially ended in 1999, when its assets were purchased by French company Titus Software. Its US operations were sold to Electronic Arts the year before, as part of the firm's acquisition of Westwood Studios.

In its glory years, the Virgin Interactive label published classic titles such as Cannon Fodder (1993), The Lion King (1994) and Command & Conquer (1995). It later published a slew of platinum-selling Capcom IP in Europe, such as Resident Evil, Devil May Cry and Dino Crisis.