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Red Dead Redemption: A week of headlines

This week's most wanted has been the talk of the town

Rockstar's open-world western has sent the gaming world into a frenzy of anticipation, stamping up quite the dust cloud.

It all kicked off with our Red Dead Redemption review, which applauded Rockstar for a beautifully authentic realisation of the west, nevermind incredibly addictive and satisfying gameplay.

From the moment the scores came pouring in, many of you were wondering which console could offer the best Red Dead experience. We brought you both PS3 and 360 review round-ups but there was hardly anything to choose between the two.


We went deeper and found that the PlayStation 3 version of Red Dead Redemption runs at an ever so slightly lower resolution than the 360 and brought you some in-depth analysis about what that meant (if you care - both look gorgeous).

Ultimately, however, Red Dead Redemption is a must buy game regardless of the console. We tried to whet your appetite (as if you needed it) by bringing you exclusive footage of what we've been doing in the Red Dead world.

Then came the numbers. Red Dead Redemption is Amazon's biggest pre-order, which will please Rockstar since it looks like they could have put as much as $100 million into the game's development.

Despite a few niggles - a multiplayer problem and some invisible horses - Rockstar's money is undoubtedly a good investment and they couldn't have hoped for a better week.

Even Michael Pachter had to admit his initial scepticism about whether a western game would work was off the mark, describing Rockstar as visionary.

Remember, we want to know what you think once you've had chance to saddle up. We asked you whether Red Dead Redemption could be the best sandbox ever, because we reckon it just might be. Make sure you get back to us with your thoughts.