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Portal 'one fifth as likely to crash on Mac than on PC' - Valve

Valve lays down some early Mac Steam statistics

Steam released on Mac earlier this month and while there's yet to be any real figures on exactly how well it's been doing on the platform, Valve has release a few figures for you to mull over.

Valve says: "Roughly two thirds of all Steam Mac users are running on a laptop." Nothing too surprising there - those Macbooks are properly gorgeous.

"One week after launch, already more than eleven percent of all Steam purchases are for the Mac," adds Valve, which is pretty good going for a platform not usually credited for its gaming - although that figure could be more because of the initial rush (especially with Portal being free and all).

And then a sneaky jab to the ribs of PC gamers: "Portal (with the same code base across platforms) is one fifth as likely to crash on a Mac than on Windows."

It's the age-old fight; reliability and stability (Mac), versus openness, diversity, cheaper hardware and more gaming (Windows).

FYI, this editor's a PC.

[ SOURCE: Shack News ]