Red Dead Redemption PS3 patch fix out

Invisible horses no longer an issue, says Rockstar

Rockstar's released a patch for Red Dead Redemption, fixing the illusive bug that's been making horses turn invisible in multiplayer.

Players in the US had been reporting various bits and pieces vanishing into thin air during online play, including guns, hands, horses and cowboys.

A Rockstar spokesperson said: "We have just deployed a fix that should address the issues some people have been experiencing in Red Dead Redemption online multiplayer.

"This fix should address a specific issue that was found where the player's multiplayer avatar, their horse or their weapons would occasionally not be visible in multiplayer games as well as an issue that some players were experiencing where they would lose connection to the various multiplayer modes."

In case you didn't notice, Red Dead's out in Europe today. Read our Red Dead Redemption review to find out why.