No More Heroes 'sexy lingerie' launches

In-game characters Sylvia, Shinobu and Naomi 'brought to life'

Rising Star's teamed up to launch the 'first ever lingerie collection inspired by a video game', the game being No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle.

Bedwear retailer, Bedtimeflirt is offering outfits based on "Super super sexy" UAA agent Sylvia, Travis's deadly apprentice Shinobu, and Naomi, No More Heroes 2's creative weapons specialist.

It's all well and good, but if you actually do shell out the cash to relive your ultimate Suda 51 fantasy with the missus, you'll realise that the only items that make any sort of connection to the game characters - rain coat, gloves, giant grey wig - aren't actually included. Ah.


"No More Heroes 2 is all about style," said Rising Star boss Martin Defries, trying to justify this filth. "Designed by legendary creative director Suda 51, it's a game which effortlessly exudes cool - and we wanted to offer fans of the game the opportunity to replicate that cool in real life.

"The team at Bedtime Flirt has done a tremendous job in replicating the characters from the game - and we expect the range to to be hugely popular."

The actual game's out next week. Submit pics of your other half wearing these to the usual address.

[ SOURCE: BedtimeFlirt ]