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Will Google TV come to PS3?

Search giant ties with Sony for new media offering

Google has announced their new web TV service in a partnership with Sony and Intel. Sony will be tasked with creating HDTVs and Blu-ray players incorporating the platform. This raises questions as to whether the service will come to the PlayStation 3.

Google hopes to "change the future of television" with its latest announcement of Google TV. The application lets users search TV listings, the web and their personal content libraries for content in what Google calls its "multimillion-channel TV."

Implementing the company's Android software and coupled this with Intel Atom processor CE4100, Google TV will bring the web to televisions, either in integrated HDTV sets or additional boxes. Which company will provide these sets? Sony.


Google has made an alliance with Sony for the product, leading to the announcement of 'Sony Internet TV' - the world's first TV line-up to incorporate Google TV. The first models will be out in the US this autumn.

However, Sony won't just be creating standalone TV models featuring the service, but also set top box-type units with the additional virtue of a Blu-ray drive.

This raises the possibility of Google TV making its way into the PlayStation 3, either via a firmware update or hardware add-on. The console already has a DVR option in Europe with PlayTV - it's about time the US got some love in this area.

Perhaps Google TV will be included in a simple software update to the PS3, likely as one of the options embraced by the console's rumoured premium subscription PlayStation Network. We could even see an announcement at next month's E3.

Google and Sony have revealed that they will continue their relationship, with the latter company stating in a press release that "the two companies are exploring the joint development of compelling new Android-based hardware products for the home."

Howard Stringer, chairman, president and CEO of Sony Corporation comments on the partnership:

"The combination of Sony's industry-leading product design, engineering and development expertise with the flexibility and growth potential of Google's innovative, open-source Android platform will provide consumers with a world of new and exciting Internet user experiences. Through this alliance, Sony will deliver new levels of connectivity and Internet integration across our range of assets and product categories."


Eric Schmidt, chairman and CEO of Google Inc. adds:

"We believe that open systems lead to more innovation, value and choice for consumers, which is why we are so proud to work with Sony to bring the power of the Android platform to more consumers around the world."

Google TV devices will be sold at Best Buy in the US this autumn. Prices have yet to be announced.

Sony would not comment either way on the prospect of PS3 adopting Google TV this morning - but didn't rule it out either.

A spokesperson told CVG: "We can't comment on rumour or speculation. We wouldn't comment on anything that might or might not happen until we have something we can confirm."

Would you be happy to pay a monthly subscription for access to Google TV through your PS3?