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'ModNation could attract Gran Turismo 5 fans'

Director says hardcore racers are surprisingly satisfied

ModNation Racers could attract hardcore racers while they wait for Gran Turismo 5, according to developer United Front.

"Hopefully we can attract a lot of GT fans," director William Ho told CVG.

"Some of the feedback we got during focus testing from people who consider themselves hardcore racers - people who might be Gran Turismo fans - was at first they thought that the racing would be simplistic but they found with the physics and handling it's actually surprisingly deep."

"It's not Gran Turismo deep - you're not adjusting spring rates and camera angles - but the fact that the physics are not canned is surprisingly satisfying for those types of players."

There's STILL no word on whether or not the Gran Turismo release will happen soon.

We're big fans of the creative karting title though and reckon it's well worth a look. It's out today - read our ModNation Racers review to find out why we like it.

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