Red Dead Redemption provokes Irish backlash

What's this? Controversy in a Rockstar game?

With gun slinging, horse skinning and bank robbing pretty much justified by the Wild West source material, Rockstar might have felt that it could finally release a game without getting lambasted by the press.

Then a drunk stumbled into the room, and he was Irish, and his name was 'Irish'. The Irish don't seem to like that.

In fact, Ireland's Herald has said that the character has 'soured' the launch of Red Dead Redemption.

It probably wouldn't have mattered so much if the town drunk was called 'Old Drunken Dan'; maybe even 'Ten Drinks O'Toole' would have slipped under the radar.

But when you name a permanently intoxicated character quite literally after the collective population of Ireland there are going to be some frowns.

So far Red Dead Redemption has been getting rave reviews and grabbing all the headlines, saying it's a must have game is an understatement. But will our Irish readers be snubbing the game in protest?

[ SOURCE: Irish Herald ]