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CVG: The week's best comments

File this under 'F' ...for funny

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Does anyone know the cheat to spawn a helicopter yet?
Actually Squall5005 it's a massive bald-Eagle this time.

Commuters choose games over books

When I'm on the bus, I always try to have a peek at what games people are playing on their handheld consoles.

But they always give me a look of panic and say something like "ARGHHHHHHH! GET BACK TO DRIVING THE BUS YOU MORON!!!!!!"
Comic timing is hard to master in text, Squall5005 managed it beautifully.

so who was playing the piano? the office tea lady?
We hired someone especially anytime. Only the best for you guys.

Jake Gyllenhaal: Let me voice video game

I want to make a love explosion on his sisters face.
pmantis - We're going to define this love explosion as a kiss, confetti and marital vows.

Yeah take that Robert Egbert! You got whiped by a guy best known for playing a cowboy who takes it up the chocolate escalator! Society RULES!
We like how mogel94's reference to an escalator implies that there's complicated internal mechanics involved.

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