CVG: The week's best comments

File this under 'F' ...for funny

It's been all about Red Dead Redemption this week hasn't it? Rightfully so - but as far as witty comments are concerned, we had to delve beneath the sand.

And when we did we weren't left short of chuckles. You threw your words into the mix on subjects ranging from passing the time on trains, to Portal on PC or Mac and you even had time for a bit of banter on cowboys after all.

Then the rest was all sex talk and rude words. It's crude but, hey, it makes the last job of the week a bit easier...

No More Heroes 'sexy lingerie' launches

Excellent reporting CVG. I shall now go away to consider the implications of this article. I may be some time.
We assume GTCzeero has gone to consult further reading or something.

Must....resist urge to masterbate..... will get fired.....urrrrr..ahhhhh. oh. f**k.
Kind of awkward now WHERESMYMONKEY.

Jesus Christ, that is the most orange woman I've EVER seen. It's like Dale Winton and Peter Dickinson got drunk and shagged a Satsuma.
May we contribute with 'drunk on Vodka Tango' B_G_G?

Red Dead Redemption provokes Irish backlash

I'm upset it never portrayed the Scottish as drunken wrecks. We're good at it too...
There, there filth87 we know you are. We know.

Portal 'one fifth as likely to crash on Mac than on PC' - Valve

Well in my own statistic on windows 7 laptop, Portal has never crashed.
mafiahobo giving his own statistics based on a massive sample of one.

Lets not beat around the bush, MAC owners are yuppie t**ts with more money than sense, and in any sane society would be eaten by the starving masses.
alberthammond has a massive brush covered in tar and is using it.

Heavy Rain movie on the way?

adgr19 never quite recovered from losing his virtual son.

Multiplayerking is at stage two of the bereavement. The screaming stage.

Would they release about 30 different versions, with subtle differences to each one?
Actually MysticR it's thirty different screens that you have to file into depending on the choices you made in your head.

Red Dead Redemption cost $100 million - report

Daily Fail?! Thanks everyone, I'm here all week!
Donatello - That's what we're afraid of. Ooooh! We're here all week too.

Cliffy B: 'Masturbating' Gears 2 segments are a regret

Glad to hear that Cliffy is taking these matters firmly in hand...
Weak BeauBeau, very weak. We'll take it.

Surely it doesn't "play itself" it "plays with itself"


Even placid ca5ual was disappointed with that one

Red Dead Redemption invisibility bug to be patched

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