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APB for consoles will be 'a different game'

Console version rebuilt to better suit the platform, says Realtime Worlds dev

EJ Moreland, the lead designer on Realtime Worlds' GTA-style MMO APB says the console version will be 'a different game' to the PC version to better cater to the platform.

"Console and PC development teams usually have different philosophies on approaching a project, and so they should," he told Develop.

"Usually when you play a console-to-PC port, or vice-versa, it's usual that the game won't work as well as it did on its original platform. So for us, what we see for APB on consoles - and we've had discussions about this - is to make a different game that fits better for the system."

The game began development in 2005 for consoles and PC, but the console versions were put on the back boiler. "Development started as PC-oriented and, at a point where we had enough resources to compile our own console team, we decided to dedicate our talent on the PC game to make it that much better," said Moreland.

"Honestly from my experience, as someone who plays PC and console games, I had strong concerns that the game we were making for PC wasn't going to be viable on console. We would want to do some things to make the game much more console-centric," he added, without going into any detail as to what will be different. Controls to start with, you can safely presume.

RTW has more recently fleshed out details of the game and its brain-bending multi-tiered subscriptions systems.

[ SOURCE: Develop ]