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Professor Layton movie verdict is in

ONM's thoughts on The Eternal Diva

Prince Of Persia isn't the only game that's going to the movies this year. Professor Layton' debut film will be released on DVD and blu-ray this Autumn and ONM were the first in the UK to see it last week. Read on for their verdict...

It may be a more low-key release than Jake Gylenhaal's princely effort but according to ONM it's worth watching if you're a fan of the Professor Layton games.

The animated film sees Layton and Luke going to watch Jenis Quatlane perform at the Crown Petone Opera House but as the show finishes a masked man appears and tells the audience that they are going to play a game. Whoever wins will be granted eternal life while the losers will all die. As this is going on, two girls have been reported missing in London and it's up to the Professor to solve the mysteries.

Describing the story as "typically twisting and slightly baffling packed with entertaining yet daft moments", ONM also praise the puzzle aspect of the game which gives the viewer time to work out the answer while Layton and Luke do the same.

As for the animation, ONM said "it really does look just like the games and fans will immediately recognise the plinky plonky soundtrack." But this comes at a cost as it does "suffer in comparison with cutting edge animated films from the likes of Pixar and Studio Ghibli."

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