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Enslaved is in 'Uncharted mindset' - Namco

Ninja Theory title is 'game I was expecting to make from beginning', says VP

The rather stunning Ninja Theory adventure, Enslaved is in the "mindset" of games like Uncharted, Namco Bandai Partners VP, Olivier Comte has said.

Speaking to CVG in Barcelona this month, the Namco man wasn't shy in affirming that the Heavenly Sword dev's latest is "priority number one" for the publisher in 2010.

"We have two flagship titles that will be very, very important for us - especially for UK - which are Test Drive Unlimited 2 and Enslaved. We are very, very optimistic about Enslaved," Comte told CVG.

"For me, it's come from the heart. This is a game I was expecting my company to develop since I arrived here.

"I'm a very big fan of Uncharted and we have to admit that it's in the mindset of games like that. The game has a unique atmosphere, the characters are fantastic... I love the game."

We have to say this is really shaping up fantastically. Look for our own eyes-on impressions very shortly.