Modern Warfare hits Games on Demand

CoD 4 now downloadable, along with Battlefield 2 and Battlestations: Midway

If you fancy filling your Xbox 360 hard drive with multiplayer warfare action, Microsoft has served up the goods.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Battlefield 2: Modern Combat and Battlestations: Midway have gone up on the Games on Demand download service.

CoD weighs in at 6GB and costs $39.99 - a price which we can't see going down too well considering second-hand copies can be snapped up for less (but you won't have to worry about the download version being scratched to hell though).

Battlestations is $19.99 and 5GB in size. BattleField 2 is heavier 6GB but costs the same $19.99.

With those prices, MS sure knows what you're going to want most...

[ SOURCE: Major Nelson ]