Total War: The Peninsular War DLC revealed

Steam-exclusive expansion lands this summer

Sega has uncovered a new expansion pack for its epic PC war strategy sim Napoleon: Total War, entitled The Peninsular War.

The pack, set in the 1811 war in the Spanish Peninsular, as the title suggests, will add a new campaign map to the game, "featuring 32 controllable regions divided amongst 4 different factions," explains Sega. Spain joins Britain and France as a playable faction for the first time in the series.

"The Peninsular Campaign also features three new agents; the priest for Spain and Portugal, the provocateur for Britain and France, and one unique agent for the Spanish faction - the Guerrillero, as well as a host of new multiplayer features," details Sega.

The Peninsular War will be sold exclusively via Steam, although "summer" is as accurate as the PR gets on its release.

Napoleon: Total War's second downloadable content pack, The Coalition Battle Pack, was released earlier this month and introduces six new units to the ranks of the Coalition armies, whilst adding a new battle, The Battle of Friedland to the Historical Battle section of Napoleon. It costs £1.99/ €2.99/ US$3.25/ AU$3.95.