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Microsoft: Natal will 'jumpstart the 360'

Outgoing boss Robbie Bach describes Natal as a console alternative

Natal presents an opportunity to revitalise the Xbox 360 without having to put out a new console according to Microsoft's Robbie Bach.

The outgoing head of E&D said that he saw as Project Natal as a "mid-life kicker" to the console.

He told Tech Flash, "If you think we have, what, close to 40 million consoles in the world, and every one of those consoles can work with Natal."

"So, there's a tremendous opportunity from a business perspective to produce a new experience for people without shipping a new console."

"For me it's a jump-start catalyst," he continued. "It's a mid-life kicker for the 360, and it's an opportunity to really drive that business in a dramatic way."

Both Microsoft's Project Natal and Sony's PlayStation Move are set to have a big impact on the games industry, with Ubisoft describing both devices as 'revolutionary' earlier this month.

[ SOURCE: TechFlash ]