Microsoft discards 'Project Natal' name

Platform holder to unveil final brand identity at E3 next month

Microsoft has scrapped the possibility of 'Project Natal' being the final name of its motion-sensing camera peripheral.

According to a solid source at CVG sister site Edge-Online, the accessory's final brand name will be unveiled at E3.

A senior UK trade source told CVG today that at least one British retailer has been given the go-ahead from MS to start creating Point Of Sale marketing material bearing the device's name.

CVG understands that MS finally settled on a brand name in April, following a six-month consultation period.

Edge reports that the peripheral is set to cost $149 in the US at launch - and that Microsoft has pencilled in a launch date of October 26.

So if it's not 'Project Natal', what could it be? Perhaps a 'degree'-related name? After all, Microsoft is continually telling us that Natal is very much a "new console". Xbox 720?

A stronger clue might exist in the invite to Microsoft's dedicated 'Natal' E3 presentation. Check out the dominant word in the title.

How does 'Xbox Experience' grab you?


Microsoft told us that it wouldn't comment on "rumour and speculation".