Not so humble indie bundle bungle rumbled

'Shopkeeper' in the Give Whatever You Want deal speaks to PC Gamer

Yesterday, we posted about the Give Whatever You Want bundle - a bundle of indie games very much in the style of the Humble Indie Bundle which grossed $1.3 million earlier this month. After reading comments on the Indie Games blog, it became clear that, while consumers were getting the games they'd bought, two developers had pulled out of the promotion. I sent a few emails to the man hosting the bundle, Jochen Kolbe, and here's what came bounding back. Jochen's English isn't great, but, rather than try and put words into his mouth, we've decided to give you the complete, unedited, interview.

Jaz: How would you describe your part in this deal? Are you organising it? Hosting it?
Jochen: I organise it and host it. I have made the Website with a very good Developer that costs a lot of Money because there was no Script for Pay what you want. He must make all of him self.

Jaz: How did you contact the developers? Did anyone turn you down before the final 6 games were confirmed?
Jochen: I contact the Developers per Mail. Yes. We had many that was interested, some that wanted made there own PWYW and other that are not interested in this Principe. And then some that approve , tell him they dont want be in anymore and i must find Games that Exchange there Slots. Was many work to organise this six... okay now five.

Did you contact any of the charities beforehand? What did they say?
I contact but they dont answer. I mean when i want donate money its my decision which i choose. Childs Play contacts me yesterday to be not anymore in this Project so i think they dont need more Money. When i see someone would help , i would say: Thank you. Its a shame for all Organisations that really need Money, that they dont want it. Nothing is so hard as man's ingratitude.

Are you receiving a percentage of the money going to developers?
This are Agreements between me and Developers. I can[t] talk about this. Sorry. But i am not a Developer. I am Shop Owner, so its normal that i want earn Money. Server costs Money, Developer, too. They dont live from nothing. Me too.

Are you receiving a percentage of the money going to charities?
No. 100 % goes to the Charitys. I take nothing of the Money.

Why did you ask English speaking users to agree to terms and conditions written in another language?
Ther Terms of Service will be release in English soon. I ask a Lawyer if this okay to link first to the German version. They told me, "It's not problem because I am a German Company and legal domicile for this buisness is the Owner LAnd: Germany."

How do you feel about Ludosity 'pulling out' of the deal?
Its there Opinion but how they do this is not fair. They told me they dont want work with someone that is not sincere and honest. But i am sincere and honest. There are some Stalkers from German Forums that i have long time and they tell many lies about me. In Germany they have some complaints and the Police is looking for them. So i am not a Bad Guy. I only have ideas and want do the best with it.

Why aren't Child's Play listed as a selectable charity any more? Did they ask to be removed? How do you feel about that?
Yes they want remove. They dont need Money i think . I told you that in other Question. Its a shame for all that really need Money. Big Organisations are too big when you understand what i mean.

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