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Rock Band 3 to support Keytar

Camp guitar-like keyboard to be introduced in next game, according to "source"

Rock Band 3, expected out later this year, will introduce the keytar to the selection of instruments used in the rhythm-action series, according to a "source".

That's those little keyboards that's shaped and worn like a guitar, but has keys on it. Like a keyboard. And was it pretty popular in the '80s when humans were still trying to figure out what being 'cool' meant.

Ars Technica reports that it's the only new instrument to be introduced in the game, and that peripheral firm Mad Catz will handle all instrument creation, with EA only taking on distribution duties. This will apparently allow you to buy the game with one of many combinations of instruments, allowing you chose exactly what you want to play.

It also says there'll be a 'Pro mode' that will require "proper technique" that could lead to you knowing how to play the real instrument. If you can believe that.

You know what? We quite like the idea of a keytar. Yeah we said it.

Not because we've ever had any desire to actually play such a camp-looking instrument, but just because, as far as a videogame controller goes, we think a combination of its small size, button formation and the way you wear in like a guitar, it could be a great fit into what Harmonix is promising will be 'the next big leap in music gaming'.