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de Blob: The Underground details

Two player mode, 2D platforming sections

The sequel to the critically acclaimed Wii game de Blob will feature a two-player mode and 2D platforming sections.

That's the word from Nintendo Power magazine which has the scoop on de Blob: The Underground.

The new adventure finds Blob on holiday ay Paradise island. However, some strange things happen so Blob returns to Prisma City with Pinky to find out what's going on.

There they discover that Comrade Black is causing trouble and materialism combined with pollution has drained the city of its colour again. It's up to de Blob to restore normaility by bouncing around the world and brining the coluur back to Prisma City.

In addition to the new 2D platforming sections and two player mode we're also being promised two-player support. There's also a DS version in development but little is known about that.