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Uncharted PSP in the works?

CV suggests Naughty Dog's greatest was considered for handheld

Naughty Dog's universally praised Uncharted series could have been coming to PSP, if the Linkedin profile of programmer Ben Weston is anything to go by.

Weston worked at Naughty Dog on the PS3 version of the action blockbuster, but also lists an untitled "action game" for PSP on his CV.

It's just speculation at this point, but Weston also states that he was working on 'particle effects and volumetric cloud rendering' for the PSP title, suggesting an outdoorsy setting.

Does that mean Uncharted was coming to PSP but was canned? Does it mean that it still could be seen on handheld? Or is something totally different?

One thing we can be sure of is Uncharted 3, which Drake actor Nolan North said was 'common sense', is on the way.

[ SOURCE: Ben Weston's LinkedIn profile ]