Alpha Protocol review - 84% in GamesMaster

Sega's espionage RPG is 'a quiet revelation'

GamesMaster's verdict on Alpha Protocol is in and it's a favourable one at that.

The mag's awarded Sega's espionage RPG a very respectable 84% thanks to its, "dynamic shooting, insane levels of customisation and a thumping near-future dose of espionage and sinister conspiracy."

One of the standout features of Alpha Protocol is its smooth RPG conversation system. GamesMaster says, "Obsidian may not be the best when it comes to graphic engines, but when it comes to dialogue this team pulls out all the stops."

"There's no black and white here - just so many shades of grey, which means learning to trust your gut becomes vital."

Although Alpha Protocol lacks something visually and may not be the slickest shooter to hit our screens, it's apparently "gratifying and multifaceted" with GamesMaster ultimately finding the whole experience, "gripping, innovative and deserving of both success and a sequel".

You can read the full review in issue 227 of GamesMaster, which hits shelves on June 17. Buy your copy of GamesMaster and have it delivered to your door.