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Natal's final name is 'Wave' - rumour

One of many details to be revealed at next month's E3 show, according to a "source"

CVG reported earlier that Microsoft will ditched the name 'Project Natal' when it announces to final retail name for its motion-sensing peripheral at E3 next month. That name, according to new rumours, will be 'Wave'.

So says a "source close to Microsoft", following yesterday's report and a slew of rumours surrounding the device over the past few days.

CVG was told that MS finally settled on a brand name in April, following a six-month consultation period.

Edge has reported that the peripheral is set to cost $149 in the US at launch - and that Microsoft has pencilled in a launch date of October 26.

Microsoft has a special presentation dedicated entirely to Natal kicking off at 7pm pacific time (3am GMT) on Sunday June 13. That's when it's all going down.

[ SOURCE: NowGamer ]