Blizzard quashes Starcraft 2 LAN rumour

Blizzard confirms offline play is limited to the single-player campaign

Blizzard has killed an internet rumour that RTS StarCraft II was going to get LAN support in some form.

Having excluded all local network play options from the game, fans hoped Blizzard would allow local play so long as at least one PC in the network was connected to, the firm's new multiplayer network which also validates players' copies of the game.

But Blizzard's VP of game design, Frank Pearce has confirmed: "That functionality is not there," explaining that, offline, you'll only have access to the single-player mode, and that's only after your validate your copy of the game online with

"Our goal is to make sure that connectivity to the servers is such that [it's] the experience people want," Pearce told Inc Gamers, insisting that DRM was "not our primary focus" for the decision.

Blizzard is expecting big things from Starcraft 2, believing that it could "spark a resurgence" in RTS gaming - after witnessing other titles "get away from the essence" of the genre.

[ SOURCE: Inc Gamers ]