Microsoft Wave brand already exists

Name already taken by MS for official website; Natal rumour dented

Microsoft has already launched a product bearing the name 'Wave' - putting fresh rumours of Project Natal's name in doubt.

CVG reported earlier this week that Microsoft had discarded the Project Natal name for the device.

Subsequent reports have suggested that the peripheral will be called 'Microsoft Wave' - and that the brand will be unveiled at E3.

However, a Microsoft website shows that the brand name already exists - making it unlikely MS would duplicate one of its own product titles.

Wave is - in its current form - an official Microsoft website offering news on 'the freshest developments and products'.

It's not the first time a brand name clash has quashed motion-control brand rumours.

CVG reported back in March that a Microsoft trademark for 'Arc' may have led to Sony scrapping the brand for its own motion peripheral - now dubbed 'Move'.

[ SOURCE: Cheers, M2G ]