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Crackdown devs quit 'to make console games'

Ruffian devs "felt they weren't able to do that elsewhere"

Senior Crackdown developers left Realtime Worlds to join new Crackdown 2 studio, Ruffian "because they wanted to make console games".

That's according to Ruffian producer, James Cope, who told CVG that Realtime leavers felt "they weren't able to do that elsewhere" (Realtime Worlds is now working on PC-only MMO, APB).

"They wanted to make console games. That was it really," Cope said of the many senior transfers from Realtime to the new Crackdown dev.

"We believe passionately in core video game experiences and that's what we wanted to make. Some people felt that for want of better words they weren't able to do that elsewhere.

"And I'm not saying that's just a Realtime thing; that was a period in the industry where studios like Midway were shutting down - we tried to get a bunch of designers from them.

"Ruffian again - coming back to this thing of luck and opportunity - was set up at a time in the British games industry when it was seriously concerning for people. Studios were closing - Free Radical had gone down - and all that sort of stuff. We saw this as a great time to bring people together who wanted to make core games."

In the same interview Cope told CVG that its game was originally in consideration for the Halo Reach beta, but the release timing "just wasn't right for us".