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Samus Aran - the Bounty Hunter's Weapons

How Samus takes the fight to the Space Pirates

During the course of her adventures, Metroid's heroine, bounty hunter Samus Aran, goes toe-to-toe with all manner of fiendish enemies in her quest to rid the galaxy of the Space Pirates. Make no mistake, the Metroid games are as tough as they come. Lucky, then, that Samus is equipped with a fearful arsenal of weaponry and all manner of cool tech. Her range of tools also lay down the foundations of the series' gameplay. Although its finer details alter slightly from game to game, Samus is always clad in a special suit that offers a range of abilities. Let's break it down...


Arm Canon
A vital piece of kit. At the start of a Metroid game it just offers a basic blast beam, which can be charged up to offer a more powerful explosive attack. However, as you progress through the games, it powers-up, offering you missiles and an array of different beams, from ice attacks to phazon rays. Samus can only access new areas when she has found the relevant canon power-up to grant her access to its portal.

Morph Ball
Samus suit can collapse down into a perfect sphere, allowing her to roll around and access confined spaces, ventilation ducts and piping. While in her morph ball form, Samus can drop small explosive bombs which both act as a weapon and as a means to launch her into the air.

The Visor
Another crucial aspect of Metroid gameplay, especially in the Prime series and in Other M, is Samus's ability to scan an area with her visor to reveal hidden information about items, enemies and her general surroundings. This is vital both in terms of learning how to destroy your adversaries but also in picking up important plot points.

The Double Jump
In every Metroid game you can also upgrade Samus' jumping abilities. To start with she just has a standard leap, but you can later pick up a suit expansion that gives her the ability to perform a 'double jump'. This allows her to pull off a secondary boost in mid air, doubling the breadth of her leap. Her jumping abilities can be upgraded in other ways too. In some games she can also pick up a spin attack that transforms her into a lethal projectile, and she also comes armed with a grapple hook too, helping her reach hitherto unreachable areas.

Every new game in the Metroid franchise brings in a few new abilities for Samus to make use of and Other M will be no exception. As to what those will be, well, you'll just have to wait and find out for yourself...